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Automated Asset Management

Imagine viewing the health of all your cardio equipment from anywhere.  Managing purchasing decisions based on real and relevant data. One platform that works with all of your equipment brands. The key to successful cardio management is a robust, high density and long-range wireless technology coupled with powerful cloud data management.

Ecofit has been designed from the ground up to address these challenges. The advanced technology works with new and existing cardio equipment, is low cost and does not tie up valuable WiFi bandwidth.

Ecofit’s asset management solutions let you see beyond the basics of which machines are most used – you’ll get insights that show you if you should rotate machine placements, identify and plan preventive maintenance, plan procurement activities, monitoring the operational status of the equipment and more.

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woodway ecofit
woodway ecofit
woodway ecofit


Cross Brand

Compatible with major fitness brands. Partnerships in place to provide advanced data sets i.e. error codes

Largest ROI Opportunities

  • Floor optimizations
  • Service efficiencies
  • Procurement savings
  • Extended equipment life


Network all fitness machines

  • Selectorized
  • Plate loaded
  • Cardio equipment

Analytic Reporting

  • Procurement
  • Equipment wait times
  • Maintenance reports
  • Inventory Balancing
  • Equipment Rotation
  • Floor space optimization
  • Vendor accountability
  • Club modeling

ecofit Portal

  • Enterprise access to equipment data
  • Real-time critical equipment status
  • Access to on-line reports
  • Inventory management

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